One to one consultations


  • Eating Behaviour and Food
  • Food plan analysis & creation
  • Food Labels & selection of food Items
  • Healthy Weight Loss Guidance
  • Foods that help in Type 2 diabetes
  • Nutrition & healthy lifestyle journey
  • Body composition and nutrition
  • Low your cholesterol with balanced diet
  • How to manage food allergies and intolerance
  • Learn portion sizes and daily reference intake
  • Eating Disorders Management with proper Nutrition
  • Relation of physical activity and daily food choices
  • Achieve desired health goals with professional advice
  • Help with iron deficiency and anaemia via diet and minerals
  • Whole body approach (physical, mental and emotional health)
  • Solution for fragile & weak bones
  • Dietary requirements in ageing and how to keep balance
  • Nourish body with nutritious meals by healthy cooking
  • Learn about saturated fats & impact on body organs
  • Boost brain activity and functioning by eating right type of food
  • How to get to fit when overweight with easy solution


Learn while you shop 


  • Shop smart and healthy
  • Food basket with nutrition
  • Supermarket educational tour
  • Salt & salt reduction
  • Calculation of nutrients
  • Healthy meal alternatives


Personalised 7-week health and weight management plan


  • Nutrition facts
  • Behavioural modification 
  • Phone/email catch-ups
  • Tailored dietary plan 
  • Shopping food tour
  • 4 face to face consultations
  • Body composition
  • Take home resources
  • Eating out alternatives


Specially created services for parents


  • Nurture your child with healthy meals for brighter futures
  • Understand eating behaviour of young ones
  • Different ways to improve family eating with nutritious meals
  • Learn to manage fussy eaters
  • Learn to enhance family health
  • Nutritional requirements for children based on their needs