My learnings and experience from recent health promotion stall organised at Thurrock council offices. 

Nutrition is vital and should be the topmost priority to lead a healthy lifestyle. I was able to interact with council employees and locals. Most of them who stopped by and conversed with me had health concerns. I didn't come across an individual who had the proper awareness of nutrition or had the knowledge of the implications of unhealthy eating behaviour. The common constraints I accumulated were work pressures and environment, lack of knowledge and awareness of healthy eating. No easy access to services and not to mention tailored support were some concerns. 

This is a public health concern where information is widely available online. However, people are confused and not aware of where to go or how to access valid information. As a qualified professional, I took this opportunity to reach locals and make them understand about real nutrition coupled with healthy food choices.

Take home message from this event: 'Make good choices for your healthier future and nurture your body with proper nutrition'  

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